My eQuals Troubleshooting

Help and FAQ’s are also available on the My eQuals website.

Please note:

  • documents are not sent as an attachment.
  • the notification email is from My eQuals and not UniSA.
  • notification email from My eQuals will contain a link to register or login to access your document.
  • the email subject - "You have a new document from University of South Australia".
  • a verification code will be sent to the email address when registering or linking email accounts.  
  • a second email will have a link to activate your account. You cannot see your documents if the account has not been activated.
  • where Google reCaptcha panel will not load there is a non-Google captcha option which is also accessible as audio. 

My eQuals online videos that you might find helpful:

I logged in, why can’t I see any documents?

A My eQuals account can only be set up through the notification email sent from My eQuals when documents are issued.

If you are unable to see documents you may be logging in using a social media network or email that is not linked to your account.

Log in using the email address used when you registered with My eQuals. Enter the password set up at this time.

  • When documents are issued automatically following the completion of your program or after conferral use your UniSA student email account.
  • If you order a digital document use the email address you provided on your order application.

Once logged in use the “Link” features in your Profile settings to link your My eQuals account to social media or additional emails.

If your account was not verified you will not be able to see your documents.

  • Login to your account.
  • Select Profile Settings from the drop-down menu next to your name.
  • Under email accounts select the verify button under actions for an email account showing a not verified status.

I am expecting a document and haven’t received the email advising it is available.

Please allow up to 4 working days for transcript & AHEGS or parchment application forms to be processed unless records are for the University’s antecedent institutions. These applications may take up to 3 weeks to prepare. If, after this time, you have not received email notification:

  • check your spam/junk mail folder for My eQuals emails
  • If you have a My eQuals account email notification it is sent to the “Primary” email. If you have linked emails you may not be checking the “Primary” email. Please check your other email accounts.
  • Email

I can’t log in to My eQuals 

 On the My eQuals log in page:

  • you may not have activated your account
  • select the “CAN’T LOG IN?” link on the login page
  • Enter your email and follow instructions on the email you receive
  • You will receive an activation email or a reset your password email depending on which is required to access your account. Follow the instructions in the email.

For UniSA username and password help, log an IT Help Desk request.

If I get error messages from My eQuals or My eQuals looks like it is broken what should I do?

If My eQuals is inaccessible, please contact and provide a full description of the problem, including a screenshot. Please ensure you are using the last two versions of one of the supported browsers. These browsers are:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge