Chief Executive, Uniting Communities

Simon Schrapel is chief executive of community services programs provider, Uniting Communities and has worked in community services in Australia, the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka for more than 30 years. He has extensive experience in front line social work and community development, as well as in public policy and in management having worked across government and non-government sectors.

Mr Schrapel was elected president of the Australian Council of Social Services in 2010, having served as chair of the South Australian Council of Social Services for seven years. He also chaired the Child and Family Welfare Association of Australia (2001-07) and is a current board member of Families Australia as well as chair of the Building Capacity Building Bridges Steering Committee that is supported by the University of South Australia's Australian Centre for Child Protection.

Mr Schrapel is a current member of the Australian Government's Children and Family Roundtable and the Prime Minister's recently formed Economic Reform Panel. He was also a member of the Australian Government's National Compact Sector Advisory Group and Ministerial Expert Advisory Group on Gambling, and has been a member of the National Implementation Working Group for the Framework for Protecting Australia's Children since its inception, as well as serving on the South Australian Government's Council for the Care of Children since 2006.