UniSA has the first simulated financial trading room in South Australia. The state of the art trading room enables students, researchers and industry to engage with the global derivatives trading industry through market simulation programs. The trading room is sponsored by global leader in innovative technologies for the financial sector, Iress.

The Iress Trading Room is used throughout undergraduate and postgraduate finance courses offered in some business programs at UniSA. Research degree students are also able to use the trading room for research purposes.

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About the Iress Trading Room

With a sponsorship of $3.5 million from Iress, UniSA launched the first trading simulation facility in South Australia in 2017. The Iress Trading Room is the first platform that uses Iress market technology similar to what practitioners use (institutional and private client dealing rooms, fund managers, research departments, corporations and private traders). More specifically, students can execute an actual trade as the software fully integrates with other products and models, such as back office systems, financial modelling tools and proprietary systems. It also has mobile and algorithmic trading capabilities.

Users have access to an extensive historical database covering time-series data on security prices, exchange rates, commodity prices, economic data and market statistics. One key feature is the Iress mobile solution, which allows traders to execute orders and view the latest market information in real time. Iress mobile solutions connect the modern mobile trader with the markets anytime, anywhere.

The Iress Trading Room has other sophisticated functions, such as eye-tracking devices that allow researchers to conduct behavioural finance experiments. The facility is also used to train financial planners in the use of Xplan.

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