About the study

The University of South Australia is seeking participants for a 14 day field study commencing March  2024.

The study requires participants to wear 3 smart devices for 10 days prior to getting a vaccine of their choosing (flu, travel based or COVID 19 vaccination) on day 11 of their involvement in the study and continue to wear the device for 3 days post vaccination.

The study includes daily questionnaires, receipt of a vaccination and 2 saliva collections.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Gender: male and female
  • Age: 18-65
  • Other criteria: healthy, non-smoking adults with no history of sleep disorders


Participants will be financially compensated with an honorarium of up to $450 for their participation in the study.

Contact details

For more information, and to register your interest, please email us at: shiftworkstudy@unisa.edu.au