01 October 2019

Prof. Mohamad Abdalla, Dr. Mahmood Nathie, Dr. Nadeem Memon, and Mr. Dylan Chown were invited to tour Islamic schools across major cities in South Africa during the first two weeks of October of 2019. The team was invited and hosted by the Association of Muslim Schools (AMS) to facilitate two-day conferences in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town. CITE's key themes of Islamic School Renewal, Islamic Pedagogy, and A Dignified Way resonated deeply with conference participants. The opportunity to tour Islamic schools and appreciate the local context was an invaluable experience for the CITE team as well. In addition to the school conferences, the CITE team had the pleasure of meeting educational organisations involved in tertiary education such as Regent School of Business, and the esteemed Jamiatul Ulema who educate religious scholars and develop curricula for madrassa education globally. CITE is now exploring opportunities for collaboration and on-going engagement with the AMS to provide continued support in the region.