01 December 2019

CITE participated in the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference 2019, QUT Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. Dylan Chown presented on joint research led by Dr Nadeem Memon on a symposia panel with Dr Stephen Kelly (Adelaide University) and Dr Sam Schulz (Flinders University). The panel was themed ‘Politics and Policy in Education’ and the panel title was, “We are all minor – Refusing symbolic and exceptional violence in socially and cognitive just education”.

Dr Nadeem and Dylan’s presentation focused on ‘Centring Learner Lifeworlds to Foster Deeper inter-religious understanding: A case study of Australian Muslim learners. The presentation explored initial findings in their forthcoming research on Australian Muslim learners and culturally and religiously responsive pedagogy in Australian public schools.

Dylan also presented with colleagues from Monash University, Prof Melanie Brooks and Dr Fida Sanjakdar on a panel focused on the ‘Muslim Child / learner”. Dylan’s presentation was titled, “Contemporary readings of the Muslim Child: Implications for Educational Justice”. Together the panel sought to answer: who is the Muslim child? A take away being, “Muslim learners are shaped by current discourse but not defined by it”.

Prof. Melanie Brooks and Dr Fida Sanjakdar