Dr Aneesha Bakharia

Aneesha began her career as an electronics engineer but quickly transitioned to an educational software developer. Aneesha has worked in the higher education and vocational educational sectors in a variety of technical, innovation and project management roles. In her most recent role before commencing at UQ, Aneesha was a project manager for a large OLT Teaching and Learning grant on Learning Analytics at QUT.

Aneesha has a Bachelor’s in Microelectronic Engineering (Griffith University) and a Master’s in Digital Design (Griffith University). In 2010, she became interested in machine learning and as a result completed a PhD in automated content analysis. Aneesha has also written nine books on programming and web development.

Aneesha’s primary responsibilities at ITaLI include directing the design, development and implementation of learning analytics initiatives (including the Course Insights teacher facing dashboard) at UQ. 


Jason Lodge (1).png

Jason Lodge

Jason Lodge, PhD is Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Director of the Learning, Instruction, and Technology Lab in the School of Education and is a Deputy Associate Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at The University of Queensland. Jason’s research with his lab focuses on the cognitive, metacognitive, and emotional mechanisms of learning, primarily in post-secondary settings and in digital learning environments. Jason currently serves as Lead Editor of Australasian Journal of Educational Technology and Editor of Student Success. 



Travis Tooley

With a strong foundation in Information Technology and Telemetry Scada, Travis brings a wealth of experience from client and enterprise settings, encompassing hardware, software, and high-security data centers. Additionally, he has actively supported classroom environments, delivering immediate tech assistance to both students and educators.
As a highly proficient technician, Travis boasts an extensive skill set in diverse technical systems and hardware, including 3D printing, CNC machines, laser and plasma cutters, 3D modeling, and FPV drones. 
Travis is enthusiastic and passionate about STEAM education.



Ember Chittenden

Ember is the Head of Programs at the Bendigo Tech School and has served STEAM educator and Lecturer in Education, holding various positions of leadership for over two decades. Ember has a deep passion for creating engaging, accessible, equitable and sustainable STEAM-based educational opportunities. Her innovative approaches redefine the dynamics of education.

Ember is particularly passionate about creating a love of learning to encourage the next generation of Scientists, Engineers, Linguists, and Mathematicians to pursue their dreams and seeks to nurture their spirit of curiosity. As a visionary thought leader, Ember is driven by a desire to equip young people with the skills and mindset needed to navigate an ever-evolving world, reshaping the landscape of STEAM education.



Daniel McKee

Daniel has been teaching in a secondary setting for 17 years and, in that time, has taught a range of STEAM-based disciplines, particularly in the areas of Science and Mathematics, with both junior and VCE experience.

He has significant leadership experience as well as expertise in developing and delivering STEAM learning programs aligned to Design Thinking, Digital Technologies, Enterprise Skills and Victorian Curriculum / ACARA capabilities.

Daniel has been heavily invested in STEAM curriculum development and delivery which has included overseeing the development and implementation of the Science curriculum from Years 7 – 12 to ensure that learning programs were engaging and compliant with VCAA guidelines and requirements.