19 September 2014

Different coloured threads of wool in a woven patternAs the world grapples with extremism and public and media conversation is squarely focussed on violence perpetrated by militant radicals – UniSA’s International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding (MnM Centre) has praised the efforts of the Welcome to Australia organisation to bring a fresh and fair perspective to the public sphere. 

The organisation, with the support of faith leaders from many religions and denominations, has launched its “We’ll love Muslims 100 years” campaign this month to counter the emphasis on the abhorrent acts of terrorists and focus on the many millions of Muslims and non-Muslims who co-exist peacefully and in harmony every day. 

In a statement the MnM Centre has endorsed the campaign, which has already received more than 2000 signatures, as an example of positive action towards understanding. 

Public campaigns such as this one have the capacity to positively realign some of the ill-will that has resulted from the overwhelming amount of media attention given to the hateful actions of ISIS.  

“They serve to remind us that Muslims are our neighbours and friends, that they are part of our community and should not be made to feel ostracised because of the actions of extremists. 

“The MnM Centre was established to seek to understand the root causes of the differences between Muslim and non-Muslim communities and to pioneer ways of bridging the divide that these differences seem to produce. 

“Part of the work that the MnM Centre does is to provide opportunities for our communities to break down prejudices that are often formed by an ignorance of ‘the other’ by bringing those communities together. 

“Through our initiatives such as the annual Award for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding and our Active Youth Citizenship Forum, as well as educational resources such as our documentary film Young Muslims behind the headlines, we seek to improve relations throughout the community, to build awareness of the richness of multicultural life and to celebrate good works and inspirational role models. 

“This campaign, developed by our local colleagues from the Welcome to Australia organisation, is exactly the kind of initiative that has the capacity to develop real and positive change right across the country and the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding is pleased to offer its wholehearted support.”

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