24 September 2013

Mixed nuts Two of the University of South Australia’s leading nutrition experts will unpack the latest research into diabetes prevention and management at a free public seminar on September 26.

Director of UniSA’s Nutritional Physiology Research Centre, Professor Jon Buckley will examine the benefits of low carbohydrate diets, which can be an effective management tool for preventing the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

“Nutrition plays a critical role in both the prevention and management of diabetes. We know that poor lifestyle choices, particularly in relation to diet, can significantly increase someone’s chances of developing Type 2 diabetes,” he says.

Prof Buckley will be joined by Dr Alison Coates, who will discuss the role of adding nuts to the diet for diabetes prevention and management.

“Research shows there is an association between nut consumption and reducing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes,” Dr Coates says.

“We also know nuts have some fantastic benefits for metabolic health and play an important part in the prevention of insulin resistance, high blood fat and poor blood vessel function.”

Both researchers are based at the Nutritional Physiology Research Centre, a leading human health and lifestyle research hub which investigates the benefits of diet and exercise for cardio-metabolic health, cognitive performance and physical function.  

The role of nutrition in preventing and managing type 2 diabetes is part of UniSA’s free Successful Ageing Seminar series. The seminar will be held on Thursday, September 26 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm at the BH2-09 Lecture Theatre in the Barbara Hanrahan Building, UniSA City West campus

For more information and to register to attend, go to http://www.unisa.edu.au/calendar/successful-ageing-seminar2/

Contact for interview:

Professor Jon Buckley office 8302 1853 mobile 0417 880 030 email jon.buckley@unisa.edu.au

Dr Alison Coates office 8302 2313 email Alison.coates@unisa.edu.au

Media Contact

Rosanna Galvin office (08) 8302 0578 mobile 0434 603 457 email rosanna.galvin@unisa.edu.au

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