28 March 2013

Hundreds of cyclists are expected to take to the road on April 7 to raise awareness about the issue of chronic pain as part of the second annual Ride For Pain event.

The community event, which is the brainchild of Lorimer Moseley, Professor of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of South Australia, will see cyclists leave the city to embark on a 100km loop route, including an optional gruelling climb up Corkscrew road in the Adelaide Hills.

Among those participating this year will be Tom Di Santo, a rehabilitation physiotherapist who works with people with amputations and complex pain at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre.

“This is a cause which is meaningful to me. I work daily with amputees and people who have suffered trauma and complex pain,” Tom says.

“It is not uncommon for amputees to experience phantom pain in their missing limb; they can find that distressing and can feel that they are imagining it. It is a phenomenon that is widespread.

“They are given drugs which can provide a modest degree of success, but better ways of treating this type of complex pain will only arise through the type of research work that Professor Moseley is doing and that is why I am taking part in this event.”

Professor Moseley’s research group is engaged in clinical intervention studies and clinical trials of treatments for defined chronic pain conditions.

“Raising awareness of chronic pain as an issue and educating people about the reality of the life of someone with chronic pain and the impact this has on our community is what we are highlighting through the Ride For Pain.

“The exhilaration of recovering from chronic pain is like the exhilaration of getting up Corkscrew Road, we are really trying to symbolise that in the ride this year and are encouraging as many people to get involved as possible.”

The route for this year’s Ride For Pain will see cyclists departing Frome Road and following a loop up Norton Summit to Lobethal and back to the city down Gorge Road. Alternatively cyclists can follow a 45km shortcut route along Marble Hill Road. There will also be a 20km River Ride for recreational riders along the Torrens River.

More details on the ride, including how to register can be found here.

Contact: Lorimer Moseley office 8302 1764

Media contact: Will Venn office 8302 0965 email Will.Venn@unisa.edu.au

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