13 January 2014

A statement from the University of South Australia

In 2014 the University of South Australia will be offering a professional certificate in male health.

The certificate has been developed by the University and consists of two short courses – one covering male health in perspective, another dealing with health promotion programs that target males.  No other courses have been approved and any proposed courses will be evaluated through normal university processes.

Contrary to its description in some media reports, the certificate is framed for people already working in health and allied health industries, and has been developed by and will be taught by University of South Australia staff only.

Approved by the University’s Division of Health Sciences, and delivered by the Centre for Regional Engagement, the certificate will have a particular focus on rural health issues.  It has undergone all proper approval processes set down by the University. These processes include the vetting of course material for its relevance, accuracy and academic evidentiary base. 

The courses will use publicly available government and health profession data (such as from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the Australian Government’s National Male Health Policy) to examine current health issues for this particular segment of the community.

The certificate will include studies in the biological, physiological, social, economic, cultural and other determinants of male health; look at male health statistics in relation to illness and use of services; consider and contrast current theories, concepts, constructs and determinants of male health seeking behaviour; and examine and compare national and international male health policy.

The University does not endorse or support the controversial comments on gender issues published in today’s Advertiser.  These comments were not made by UniSA staff and have no relevance to the new health related certificate being introduced by the University. 

Media contact: Michèle Nardelli office: 08 8302 0966 mobile: 0418 823 673 email: Michele.nardelli@unisa.edu.au

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