06 September 2022

Susan Stone_BRE_9926_web.jpgFormer OECD and United Nations economist Dr Susan Stone has joined the University of South Australia as the Credit Union SA Chair of Economics.

Dr Stone has worked with international organisations, government, and business in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia and was most recently overseeing emerging trade policy issues for the OECD in France.

She will provide expert analysis and lead new thinking about SA’s economic position and how the State works, establishes new businesses, creates inclusive work environments and engages in trade with the rest of Australia and the world.

UniSA Business Executive Dean Professor Andrew Beer has congratulated Dr Stone on her appointment as the Credit Union SA Chair in Economics and welcomed her to UniSA.

“This is a time of profound economic change with everyday Australians affected by rising house prices, difficulties with global supply chains, labour shortages and the ongoing ageing of the population,” Prof Beer says.

“There is a real need for informed economic commentary in South Australia – and Dr Stone’s appointment will provide that expertise.

“Her appointment will be an asset for South Australian business, government, the media and citizens.

“Dr Stone will be a new voice to inform South Australian decision makers working in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, and we also need someone who can share South Australian perspectives on economic issues with the nation.

Prof Beer says Dr Stone will undertake research into contemporary economic issues.

“Our economy continues to change, and never more so than in response to COVID-19,” he says.

“Clearly the pandemic and how we respond to it remains a critical issue for South Australia.

“But there are a host of other questions we must face up to, including the impact of declining demand for South Australian products from China; how to realise the potential embedded in a future free of fossil carbon; population decline and its implications for the workforce; changes in technology and their reshaping of industries; and better policy settings to achieve sustainable growth.”

Prof Beer says Dr Stone is “someone at the cutting edge of thinking who will advocate for better outcomes for businesses in this state”.

“Her mission is to talk to everyone, to bring economic insights into the public debate in order to make this state a better place for all,” he says. 

“Her research will reflect UniSA’s values and mission– it will be work that is excellent, has an impact and speaks to a world of endless possibilities.”

Prof Beer says UniSA is excited to be working in partnership with Credit Union SA. 

“It is great to be working in partnership with Credit Union SA, which like UniSA, is a young, high growth institution that is future oriented,’’ he says.

“This partnership reflects Credit Union SA’s commitment to serving all South Australians, and it is a mission we embrace also.  

“Credit Union SA, as a dynamic enterprise, understands the importance of serving the community by giving it a way to express its needs and interests.”

Credit Union SA Chief Executive Officer Todd Roberts says South Australia and South Australians deserve to be more informed about what is happening within the state rather than being wrapped up in broader national commentary.

“This partnership with UniSA will allow us to support a contemporary thought leader that can talk to South Australians at a local level and help inform local decision makers.

“Credit Union SA is locally owned and operated and is committed to giving back to the community. This is another great example of how Credit Union SA is fully invested into this great state and helping South Australians thrive.”

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