25 November 2020

skin cancershutterstock_121287184.jpgUniSA researchers are partnering with Spanish pharmaceutical company Almirall through its open innovation platform, AlmirallShare, to further the development of new ways of treating common skin cancers.

UniSA researchers from its Future Industries Institute, Professor Tarl Prow and Dr Miko Yamada, will be working in collaboration with others to further their research into the causes and potential treatments for one of the most common forms of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma.

The research will help to unpack the molecular mechanism underlying this type of skin cancer and modulate its development with the novel use of an off-patent topical drug, proved effective in clinical trials funded by the Skin Cancer College of Australasia conducted by the UniSA FII team.

Prof Prow says joining forces with Almirall could be a game changer.

“This this collaboration will allow us to establish synergies between different groups to further our commitment to fighting skin cancer,” Prof Prow says.

“By pairing our deep knowledge of a common type of skin tumor with Almirall’s leading expertise in medical dermatology we could reimagine the treatment options for people with skin carcinoma.

“This group has a strong commitment to fight skin cancer and has developed innovative technologies with clinical applications and enhanced delivery of topical drugs.

“Our team is excited to be working with them on such a significant project.”

Launched in 2017, AlmirallShare aims to facilitate collaborations in dermatological research and accelerate the generation of new treatments for skin conditions, by putting together the science and creativity of experts around the world with Almirall’s own expertise.

To date more than 400 research proposals have been received and globally, 900 scientific researchers have joined the group.

Australia leads the world in incidence of skin cancer with 33.6 adults in every 100,000 affected.


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