07 May 2018

Professor Fiona Arney, Associate Professor Tim Moore and Professor Leah Bromfield.New ACCP leadership team builds broader child protection knowledge base.

Associate Professor Tim Moore has joined the leading team at The Australian Centre for Child Protection (ACCP) at the University of South Australia as Deputy Director and Head of Practice Solutions, strengthening the Centre’s position as Australia’s premier research centre looking at child abuse and neglect.

Assoc Prof Moore, an internationally recognised child and youth researcher and children’s rights advocate, moved into academia after working directly with children, young people and families.

“I wanted to better understand children’s lives and the best ways to support them and their families during periods of adversity,” Assoc Prof Moore says.

“I have focused on research underpinned by a commitment to promoting the needs, views and experiences of children and young people and supporting the development of practices, policies and programs that respond to them.”

His work includes collaborating directly with children and young people in participatory research projects across issues such as homelessness, youth justice, child protection, residential care, young carers, and child sexual abuse prevention.

Assoc Prof Moore has also provided advice to several inquiries and Commissions including research for the recent Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, as well as producing local, national and international initiatives that aim to improve the lives of children, young people and their families.

His appointment broadens the expertise of the leadership at ACCP, which also recently moved to a co-directorship structure with internationally renowned child protection experts Prof Fiona Arney and Prof Leah Bromfield at the helm.

Professors Arney and Bromfield are leaders in the field of child abuse and neglect, developing important research findings for the sector and directly impacting policy and practice, as well as providing advice and leadership to the sector nationally, through strategic advisory and leadership roles.

Prof Bromfield led the research program for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse comprising more than 100 research projects.

Her work and achievements won recognition at the 2017 National Telstra Business Women’s Awards where she won in the Academic and Public-sector category.

An award-winning researcher, Prof Arney has led international research programs through her 20-year career across the fields of parenting support, child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing and child protection research, also providing support and expertise to numerous national and state child protection inquiries, leading significant committees and guiding system reform efforts.

UniSA Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research, Professor Tanya Monro says that the ACCP’s new leadership team will further expand the work and influence of the Centre nationally and internationally.

“Tim’s appointment to the Centre and the new Co-Directorship model with child protection experts Prof Arney and Prof Bromfield, means the Centre can further build and grow its ground-breaking work to continue to develop the much-needed evidence-base in this critical area and support its translation and implementation into policy and practice.”

For more information about the Australian Centre for Child Protection, visit unisa.edu.au/ACCP


Contact for interview: Associate Professor Tim Moore | office (08) 8302 2982 
email Tim.Moore@unisa.edu.au

The Australian Centre for Child Protection:
Lisa McDonald office +61 8 830 21385 | email: Lisa.McDonald@unisa.edu.au

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