04 July 2017

poster for Waging Peace exhibitionWhat would you assemble if you wanted to wage peace instead of war?

Imagining the parameters of waging peace – the industries it might foster, the dialogue it would create, the science and technology it might encourage, the pictures and words that would support peace, is the focus of a new exhibition being planned by UniSA’s Museum of Discovery, MOD.

Today MOD. is issuing an open call for ideas for the exhibition, which will be launched in November 2018.

MOD. is inviting researchers, artists, students, organisations and technologists to submit proposals for contributions to the exhibition.

Waging Peace, is planned as the second exhibition in MOD’s calendar when the Museum opens next year, but the first to be supported with an open call for ideas.

MOD. Director, Dr Kristin Alford says the exhibition will ask visitors to consider if it is possible to proactively and aggressively pursue peace and how technology and innovation might be applied to the pursuit of peace.

“We’re really interested in inviting a range of views and experiences into MOD. to help inspire young adults to engage at the intersection of science, art and innovation,” Dr Alford says.

“We want to explore the edge of research and create an experience within MOD. that is emotionally charged, where science and technology can be fun, but also challenging, delightful and provocative.”

Anika Johnstone, MOD. Senior Exhibition Manager says MOD. is looking for exhibit ideas that fit the overall exhibition theme as well as specific proposals to build peace machines.

“Designing a peace machine is a provocation for exploring the theme and we hope to showcase a range of these throughout our galleries as part of the exhibition,” Johnstone says.

MOD. opens in May 2018 and will be Australia’s leading future-focused museum, provoking new ideas at the intersection of science, art and innovation.

MOD. aims to inspire young adults aged 15+ to continue to explore science and technology through study, work, and as a cultural and community activity, throughout their lifetime.

More information on the exhibition and how to submit proposals can be found on the MOD. website (www.mod.org.au) or by emailing mod@unisa.edu.au or by attending the briefing session on 11 July 4 – 5pm http://bit.ly/WagingPeace_Briefing


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