18 March 2019


It’s always exciting to welcome a new group of international students to UniSA during Orientation Week or “O” Week. This year, over a thousand new students chose to start with us in March and we were thrilled.

Our International Student Welcome is how we officially welcome new students to the UniSA family and Adelaide community, while also providing them opportunities to meet and make new friends with other new students.

This year, our welcome event took place in Pridham Hall, where we entertained our new students with fun tips about Aussie slang (why say breakfast when you can say ‘brekkie’) and lifestyle habits.

We also made sure to introduce our new students to Aussie food favourites, serving up over 1000 Lamingtons (which were a hit) and a taste of our iconic Vegemite… ok, maybe that one will take a while to appreciate.

Take a look at our welcome pictures.

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