29 October 2014

The Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences is pleased to announce a new program from 2015 – the Master of Visual Art and Creative Practice.
The Master of Visual Art and Creative Practice allows creative professionals to gain advanced knowledge and understanding of their chosen specialisation.

This program combines innovative studio practices within an academic context with the development of business and financial management skills, to ensure success in the student’s chosen field.

These fields include:

  • photo, digital and graphic media
  • curatorship and arts writing
  • painting and drawing
  • spatial studies involving public art, sculpture, textiles, glass, ceramics, jewellery and metal

Features of this program include: 

  • A mentorship scheme allowing students to network with industry
  • Individualised programs to develop and enrich creativity, research and innovation through intensive studio practice
  • Opportunities to develop business knowledge and skills with the community-focused matchstudio, an interdisciplinary research and professional practice studio where students participate in projects for real clients
  • Development of professional skills linked to marketing themselves and their work within the context of self-employment, public funding regimes, commercial galleries and expanding creative industries
  • The opportunity to study with highly qualified and experienced teaching staff practicing in their respective fields
  • The development of skills in producing, presenting and marketing individual practices, including applying for public grants and private funding

Staff profile – David Blaiklock

A key feature of this program is the opportunity to study with experienced teaching staff who are active in their creative field.

David Blaiklock is a graduate of the University of South Australia’s Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Visual Communication. In 2015, David will commence a Doctor of Philosophy focusing on Expertise in Illustration Design.

David is a lecturer at the University of South Australia in the area of Illustration and Graphic Design. David has been a practicing professional in Visual Communication for 22 years, and an educator at the University of South Australia since 2000. David has broad industry experience which includes illustration, graphic design, exhibition display, advertising, interactive media, animation, publishing and print production.

David has won a multitude of awards both locally and internationally – in the areas of teaching and research and also within his creative profession. He continues to publish his research and is an active exhibitor. His industry links and active practice in the field allow him to remain at the forefront of industry requirements – providing his students with current and relevant information.

The Last Fish - David Blaiklock

The Last Fish Poster - David BlaiklockThis poster was exhibited from May to December, 2013 in three Chinese cities (Shanghai, Shenzhen and Dalian).

The aim of this poster is to raise public awareness of the issue of overfishing. Producing socially motivated messages in the form of a poster allows David to convey his concerns and contribute to important social debates that he feels strongly about. His intent when creating this poster was to communicate the cause and effect of overfishing on the world’s oceans. David strives to ensure his message can be viewed and understood across many cultures regardless of written language.


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