21 August 2015


Our Bachelor of Media Arts ‘Media Industry Placement’ with Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) is the perfect platform for students who want a career in the film industry.

RSP is a world renowned visual effects studio, with major clients including film studios and independent producers from around the world. The Adelaide based studio has created thousands of visual effects for over 100 films. RSP was recently nominated for an Academy Award for their work on the film X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The ‘Media Industry Placement’ with RSP is a full time 18 unit course over a 10 week period, taught by RSP staff. The placement will provide final year students with hands-on training in core skills required by entry level visual effects artists. Students will gain practical insights into career strategies and employment prospects. 

In the placement, students will gain exposure to professional production practices and work with industry standard software tools under the supervision of experienced visual effects artists. The course will comprise a series of lectures, workshops and presentations focusing on core visual effects skills in the software package Houdini, including fluid dynamics, particle simulations, hair and fur simulations, explosions, and fire effects. Students will learn while working in a simulated production environment within RSP's studio.

Students interested in the placement are required to submit a portfolio of relevant work and sit an interview. Assessment for entry is based on their portfolio, GPA and performance in the interview. The process is competitive and the places are limited. 

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