Prof Sanjay Garg has been working in the veterinary pharmaceutical sector for over two decades. He has progressively built his teams’ capabilities to enable fast-tracked formulation and delivery improvements, increased convenience, quality assurance, and complex analytical capabilities.


Our team delivers customised R&D solutions to solve the most complex veterinary pharmaceutical issues whilst complying with current legislation and regulations.

Working across a range of applications for horses, cattle, pigs, fish, cats and dogs, wecreate new formulations and drug delivery systems to:

  • Increase drug stability, for example stabilizing omeprazole for equine gastric ulcers
  • Improve formulation stability and prolong shelf-life
  • Enhance/design a specific drug release profile
  • Repurpose and combine drugs to alleviate antimicrobial resistance and improve efficacy: anthelmintic product development and novel mastitis treatments
  • Improve convenience, for example reformulating a daily oral medication into a long-acting injectable product
  • Improve palatability via taste-masking technologies

We provide the full spectrum of quality controls and analytical and bioanalytical chemistry capabilities, fully customisable for your specific application. Those most commonly performed include:

  • Release studies
  • Stability studies
  • Physical and chemical characteristics
  • Complex bioanalytical/analytical method development and validation

Success Story: Long Acting Injectable Omeprazole

Prof Garg’s team has developed a long-acting intramuscular formulation of the highly unstable drug Omeprazole, which is revolutionising the treatment of equine gastric ulcers. Gastric ulcers are an extremely prevalent and medically-important condition in horses. With over 250,000 horses in Australia, and over 10,000,000 horses in the USA, this product has extraordinary commercial potential. The product can be administered far more easily than others on the market and has been tested in over 10,000 horses in Europe, with registration underway with European agencies.

Leveraging leading-edge laboratory and pharmaceutical development equipment at the University of South Australia, this revolutionary veterinary preparation is improving the health and well-being of horses globally.