• Flexible, light weight and applicable to a wide range of substrates
  • Switches between optical states in the order of 1 second using low power (~1.5V)
  • Affordably scalable using our patented Vapour Phase Polymerisation process – analogous to OLED manufacturing.
  • Significantly improves UX by aiding optimal Gamma correction of see-through displays.


Rapid developments in the utility and performance of consumer electronic devices drives demand for materials that can offer new functionality and competitive advantages.

There is growing interest from the Augmented Reality (AR) community in controlling ambient light transmission (by ‘Active’ means) through transparent display surfaces, such as Head Mounted Displays. Depending on the application, existing technologies can have limited effect (e.g. slow response times, in the case of Photochromics, or high power consumption of Liquid Crystals).


Conducting Polymers are a class of materials combining the electrical properties of metals and semi- conductors, with the mechanical flexibility and light weight character of traditional polymers.

As with many advanced materials, the primary concerns from industry routinely relate to the technical and economic challenges to scale. Through a patented fabrication process, initially developed for automotive products, UniSA overcomes this with GammaTintTM.


  • Realises high performance conducting polymers via a scalable fabrication process.
  • Offers a dynamic range of ~50% in a variety of colour tones (blue, yellow, and sepia).
  • Enables tuning of transparency values (i.e. 10-60% or 20-70% etc).
  • Only requires 1.5 volts to shift between states, with no ongoing power requirements after transition.

This technology is ideal for immersive platforms, such as AR Head Mounted Displays, where the digital image overlays compete for contrast against changing, ambient light conditions.
GammaTint is currently being optimized for use on a range of curved plastic substrates, with options to reduce the tint profile to a sophisticated pixel matrix.

Partnering Opportunities

UniSA Ventures is targeting specialist coatings manufacturers, AR headset developers and others to optimize the Ux of wearables.

UniSA Ventures welcomes discussion with companies interested in scaling production and/or licensing for commercial development.

IP Status

The intellectual property associated with this technology is patent protected.