• Prefabricated multi-well plates containing drugs/drug combinations
  • Dry product
  • Ship and store at room temperature


Drug response testing of cells and patient derived samples has been a focus of intense research. It is not only essential during drug development but will also facilitate personalised medicine, getting each patient the right therapy.

With more and more therapies available for different cancers, there is an unmet clinical need, which is how to predict if a patient’s cancer will respond to the treatment before the treatment starts.

An assay ready plate would omit the need to source/store/pipette individual drugs into the assay plate, which is one of the hurdles identified for routine testing.


Our technology eliminates the need to use cytotoxic solvents such as DMSO for the dissolution of hydrophobic drugs.

We currently have two different assay-ready plates at various stages of development:

i.  Our instant release plate releases the drugs as soon as it comes in contact with aqueous solutions.

This plate could be used for the rapid testing of cancer cells, allowing screening of optimal drugs and drug combinations, as well as doses.

ii.  Our triggered-release plate provides temporal control over drug release and can be used to release drugs following a period of cell/tissue culture.

This plate could be used to for applications, where cells need to develop undisturbed for a few days, such as for example 3-D printed patient-derived organoids.

This technology can be adapted for individual needs.

IP Status

Provisional patent filed.

Potential Markets

Laboratory consumables; Life Sciences reagents and consumables.

Partnering Opportunities

Licensing, co-Development and contract research.

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