• A new flow cytometric test that can quickly identify the high and low risk patients.
  • Ability to identify myeloma patients with poor prognosis.
  • Improved testing time and reduced cost.
  • Potential for improved responses to treatment.


Multiple myeloma (MM) is an incurable malignancy of neoplastic
antibody-secreting plasma cells and is the world’s second most common haematological cancer. The cost to the healthcare system and economy for each patient suffering from MM is significant.

Complex cytogenetic testing currently places patients into either high or low risk potential of succumbing to the disease. Despite the increase in different treatment regimes, overall survival post diagnosis is low and the disease remains incurable. Thus, the identification of new biomarkers for MM to expedite the prognosis for a patient, to assist in the selection of appropriate treatment regimes, to assist with selecting patients for treatment, and/or to assess their response to treatment are desperately needed.


A flow cytometry based test for a novel biomarker that will rapidly obtain prognostic information from the patient’s bone marrow and will better predict disease progression at the time of diagnosis.

Our customized single tube panel for flow cytometric analysis accurately identifies patients with high risk MM.
This rapid and affordable test significantly reduces costs as well as
wait times for the health care system and patients.

Successful outcomes here will assist with decisions regarding personalized treatment approaches and selection of appropriate treatment regimens as soon as possible.

IP Status

Provisional Patent Filed.

Potential Markets

This technology has utility in cancer prognostic and therapeutic fields, and for anyone wishing to develop a prognostic test.

Partnering Opportunities

UniSA Ventures is seeking partners for licensing and co-development opportunities.