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The Mathematics Clinic enables businesses to engage final-year UniSA mathematics, statistics and IT students to work on a relevant challenge, providing a cost-effective solution for significant professional projects. Over the duration of the academic year, a team of undergraduate students undertake the prescribed logistical project, such as financial modelling, scheduling, data analytics, statistical analysis or environmental modelling. Students receive hands-on coached experience in their final year of study, and your business benefits from fresh insight into issues, along with the opportunity to train the next generation of bright young minds.      

The only program of its kind in Australia, the Clinic is modelled on the internationally-recognised approach developed by the Harvey Mudd College (HMC) in California. To date, over 1500 HMC Clinic projects sponsored by more than 450 organisations have been completed, including over 150 projects in mathematics.   

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What makes a good clinic project?

The project should be of real interest and importance, but not in the critical path for your business. The project must have a significant component of mathematics/statistics and computing, and be of the right scope to offer a (feasible) challenge to the project team.

Typically, projects involve problems of a logistical nature, producing outputs such as prototype software, a feasibility study, a proof of concept, a system analysis, a design proposal or research summary. However, any project for which mathematical techniques are appropriate will be considered.

What will you need to provide?

Prior to commencement, you will need to provide a detailed project brief and any necessary data. Throughout the duration of the project, the student team will benefit from continued liaison, along with attendance and feedback during student presentations at site visits. The Clinic fee can be paid in instalments over the academic year. 

The student teams will be supervised by experienced UniSA researchers and academics, with continued support through the University for any questions you may have relating to the project. For more information, please contact Mathematics Clinic Director, Prof Peter Pudney.     

Benefits to businesses

  • Make substantial progress on a significant project or complex issue, including software prototype development, system analysis and design proposals.
  • Gain a new perspective on the problem from a team of motivated final-year students.
  • Engage a cost-effective method of project advancement.
  • Retain ownership of project IP.
  • Connect with a University noted for its world-class researchers and academics.
  • Contribute to training the next generation of scientists and mathematicians.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to recruit graduates with proven ability.

Benefits to students

  • Experience working on a large real-world research project applying learned skills and knowledge.
  • Learn about industry context, deliverables, deadlines, and the importance of meeting project specifications.
  • Improve communication skills, technical writing and oral presentations.
  • Gain valuable teamwork, programming, project management and leadership skills.
  • Network with industry professionals and increase employment opportunities. 

> For more information on how to apply as a student, please visit the Clinic course page.

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