About us

The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre is committed to delivering a diverse program of events and exhibitions throughout the year which reflect our fundamental themes: Strengthening our Democracy - Valuing our Diversity - Building our Future

Since its establishment in 1997, The Hawke Centre has developed a public events program with topics ranging from human rights to environment, economy and science, and many more.

Our Centre is widely recognised as a tangible expression of the University of South Australia's commitment to engage meaningfully with the community. Its focus also complements the longstanding reputation of South Australia as a crucible for social inquiry and inventiveness.  In addition to a public event program examining key ideas and solutions for twenty-first century society, we offer an active partnerships strategy, inter-sectoral sessions between business, government and other agencies, as well as bringing attention to key research areas within and beyond the University of South Australia.

The Hawke Centre is also home of the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery which offers a dedicated guest gallery space for organisations to convey their social messages through art and conduct important outreach. The Gallery extends the Hawke Centre's commitment to engage with the community.

The Hawke Centre acknowledges the traditional Kaurna owners of the land on which it is situated and seeks to foster respect for Indigenous people.

We honour the values of Bob Hawke as a major supporter of education, of international understanding, and of balance between equity and economy to serve the greater social good.

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