The Architecture Museum collection contains more than 400,000 documents, including over 90,000 architectural drawings as well as letters, photographs, specifications, reports and pamphlets. It also holds books, journals and trade literature, and a small number of artefacts, mainly drafting tools. Quite often it holds the only surviving copies of plans for South Australian buildings and structures, including houses, hotels, theatres, factories and offices. All of these items have been donated by architects and alumni working in private practice in South Australia during the twentieth century, particularly in the period circa 1910 to 1980. The University of South Australia's Collections and Museums Policy and the Architecture Museum's General Policy and Collection Policy documents guide decisions regarding acquisitions.

Collection Overview

Items from the collection may be viewed in the research area of the Architecture Museum by appointment. Items in the Architecture Museum collection cannot be borrowed but may be loaned for the purpose of exhibition to an approved event, institution or agency.

  • Drawings
    Drawings plans, sections, elevations and perspectives by architects, engineers and consultants, including both built and unbuilt works primarily of the 20th century
  • Specifications
    Specifications relating directly to the architectural drawings and providing written documentation stipulating materials, quality of finishes and the manner of construction
  • Correspondence
    Professional and personal correspondence relating to specific buildings, professional affairs and architects' overseas travels
  • Photographs
    Photographic items including slides and photographic prints of architects' built works and overseas travels
  • Notebooks and diaries
    Business and personal notebooks and diaries containing sketches and newspaper clippings as well as notes relating to built projects
  • Library
    Books, monographs, periodicals, trade catalogues and brochures donated from architects' personal collections

Special holdings

  • Plan files - Architecture MuseumChris A. Smith Scrapbook
    The scrapbook of one of Adelaide’s early Art Deco architects which includes photographs, press clippings and ephemera. It was digitized thanks to a generous donation by the Art Deco & Modernism Society Adelaide Chapter.

    "When the ziggurats, chevrons, detailed reliefs and frozen fountains of the Centennial Hall at the Wayville Showgrounds were demolished with very little outcry, local Art Deco aficionados knew that they had to get into action. With the motto ‘Preservation through Appreciation’ the Adelaide Chapter of the Art Deco & Modernism Society was formed to promote the extravagance and scarcity of Art Deco & Moderne heritage in South Australia, and encourage the public to preserve our remaining iconic 20th century heritage. The Adelaide Chapter of the ADMS are therefore delighted to support the digitisation and preservation of Christopher A. Smith's personal scrapbook, as an insight into the life and achievements of one of South Australia's best known Art Deco architects."

    View Chris A. Smith Scrapbook (PDF 24MB)

  • RAIA South Australian Significant Twentieth Century Architecture card index

    The Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) South Australian Significant Twentieth Century Architecture card index was complied during the early 1980s by Donald Langmead and John Schenck. It includes photographs and critical commentary on significant South Australian architecture constructed during the twentieth century, and is one of the Museum's most frequently accessed items.

    Digitisation of the card index was funded by UniSA's School of Art, Architecture and Design (now UniSA Creative) in November 2019.

    View RAIA card index (PDF 131MB)

  • Chamberlain Collection
    Predominantly 18th and 19th century British and European architectural prints and engravings

  • Artefacts
    Artefacts of a limited range, including drawing equipment, awards and nameplate

  • Ephemera
    Pamphlets, brochures and posters relating to architecture, interior design and planning

Catalogue of finding aids

A list of available finding aid lists (PDF format) for architects and firms represented in the collection is provided below.  Select a link to view the PDF file, or right-click and 'Save as...' to save the file.
Download Adobe Acrobat

Please direct enquiries about accessing items listed in the catalogue to:

Dr Julie Collins
Phone: (08) 8302 9235

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Brian Andrews (255kb)
1956 Australian Architectural Convention Exhibition (102kb)


Ian Barwick (168kb)
Andrew Benko (164kb)
Dean Berry (166kb)
Johnson Blackett (355kb)
Harold Boas (168kb)
Rolfe Boehm (168kb)
Caryl Bosman (166kb)
Malcolm Bartsch (196kb)


Carnegie Art Reference Set (172kb)
David Chamberlain (1693kb)
Jack Cheesman (1730kb)
Max Chenoweth (251kb)
Brian Claridge (213kb)
Philip Claridge (216kb)
Julie Collins (97kb)
John Cooper (271kb)

David Cheney (60kb)

City of Port Adelaide (54kb)


Robert Dickson (268kb)

Maurice Doley (124kb)

Adam Dutkiewicz (162kb)


Isaac Elhay (257kb)
Russell Ellis (328kb)


The Forum Club (264kb)


Christine Garnaut (209kb)
Albert Gillessen (256kb)
Harold Griggs (408kb)


Robert Hall (251kb)
Stuart Hart (420kb)
Heritage Articles (154kb)
Hurren, Langman and James Engineers - Residences (274kb)
Hurren, Langman and James Engineers - Commercial premises (971kb)
Hurren, Langman and James Engineers - Churches, Universities, Schools and Local Government (506kb)
Hurren, Langman and James Engineers - Hospitals and surgeries (315kb)
Hurren, Langman and James Engineers - Recreational buildings (452kb)
Hurren, Langman and James Engineers - Rural buildings (192kb)
Hurren, Langman and James Engineers - Transport, defence and infrastructure (226kb)
Hurren, Langman and James Engineers - Industrial buildings and factories (2.7mb)
Hurren, Langman and James Engineers - Bridges and roads (213kb)
Hurren, Langman and James Engineers - Business correspondence (188kb)
Hurren, Langman and James Engineers - Trade literature and documents (180kb)
Alan Hutchings (451kb)


James Irwin (663kb)
Ingham House (157kb)


Rolf Jensen (303kb)
Donald Leslie Johnson (852kb)
Jury Burden (600kb)


Ralph Knowles (159kb)


Donald Langmead (713kb)
Roderick Lawrence (273kb)
Thomas Loveday (207kb)


Guy St John Makin (220kb)
Martindale Hall (96kb)
William Mason (242kb)
Jack McConnell (204kb)
Alison McDougall (188kb)
Kate McDougall (258kb)

McDougall and Vines (759kb)
F Kenneth Milne (796kb)
David Morris (258kb)

Robin Moulds (160kb)

Peter Muller (32kb)


Geof Nairn (367kb)
Keith Neighbour (385kb)



Peter Perkins (195kb)
K. Peter Page (278kb)

Arthur Philpot (162kb)



Royal Australian Institute of Architects (415kb)
Donald Richardson (213kb)
Ann Riddle (265kb)
Russell and Yelland (378kb)
Roeger, Gilbert (208kb)


South Australian Architects and their works research (126kb)
South Australian Home Builders Club (258kb)
South Australian School of Mines and Industries (366kb)
John Sawley Research (189kb)
John Schenk (252kb)
Laurence Schneider (163kb)
Colin Schumacher (313kb)
Philip Scott (256kb)
Walter Sedgley (358kb)
Peter and Marjorie Simpson (836kb)
Chris Smith (265kb)

Louis Laybourne Smith (226kb)
Mervyn Smith (1097kb)
Brian Snowden (473kb)


Andrew Tidswell (271kb)
Arthur Tideman (136kb)
Robert Thomas (170kb)
Town and Country Planning Association (165kb)
Town Planning Institute (255kb)
John Twopeny (162kb)



Robert Viney (226kb)


Gavin Walkley (336kb)
War Service Homes (189kb)

Woodhead (901kb)

Margaret Wollaston (91kb)
Woods, Bagot, Laybourne Smith and Irwin (173kb)
Laurence Wyman (430kb)


Gordon Young (621kb)