Research Team

Chris Burns and Christine Garnaut


This project builds on one funded by the UniSA Research Themes Investment Scheme 2015/16 and aims to develop a framework for archiving born digital architectural records. The key challenges associated with archiving these records include: (1) establishing the rationale for collecting records produced in a digital environment; (2) which records to archive and (3) how to archive them; and (4) how to achieve digital continuity in rapidly evolving and changing electronic environments.

The project will:

  1. undertake a scoping survey focused on these four challenges. The aim of the survey is to summarise the status of
    (a) professional (libraries, archives, museums) and architectural practitioners’ endeavours to archive born digital records and
    (b) identify existing guidelines to support current professional and practitioner born digital archiving endeavours.
  2. draft a provisional framework for archiving born digital architectural records. The framework will be tested with a limited number of selected stakeholders. The framework will be usable for digital architectural records and transferable to other disciplinary categories eg in building and construction, engineering.

Funded by NATSPEC, a national not-for-profit organisation whose objective is to improve the construction quality and productivity of the built environment through leadership of information.

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