08 March 2024

Meet Liam: he's a fun, geeky and nerdy, science-fiction and fantasy writer and cartoonist.

Step into his captivating universe of visual and plot-twisting stories as he takes the stage to share his unique journey as a writer with Autism and Intellectual Disability, and brings his "Shifting Dimensions" novels to life through recitations of his work under the stars of the Planetarium.

This event is for anyone who shares a passion for science-fiction, fantasy, space, aliens and monsters.

For those eager to take home a piece of Liam's literary world, his books will be available for purchase, with accessible PDFs for those who rely on screen readers. Plus, there will be a dedicated Q&A session, offering you the chance to connect with Liam and delve deeper into his creative process.

Liam's enthusiasm for storytelling will show you that anyone with a disability can achieve their dreams!

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