01 May - 26 June 2023

Astrophysics is a space science. It is the branch of astronomy that applies the laws and theories of both physics and chemistry to explain the universe and all the objects in it. Astronomy is the study of what and where, astrophysics is the study of how and why

This certified 8-week course is offered to all interested in astrophysics at a beginner’s level.

Subjects in both observational and theoretical astrophysics will be covered, from Astrometry and Stellar Evolution to Black Holes and Einstein’s Relativity.

With the added benefit of the Adelaide Planetariums 8 metre dome, this powerful teaching tool will be a part of each weekly lesson.

The equivalent of year 11/12 maths, chemistry and physics may be beneficial but is not a prerequisite as they will be taught in the classroom as part of this course.

This course is available to attend in-person or via Zoom.