What I do

I work with executives and Think Tanks and assist them to tackle issues that every executive and organisation faces. I am a change agent and we work from the top down and from the bottom up. It is similar to what a chimney sweep does. We ensure the mission statement is an active document and not just words typed and framed nicely. We ensure that every level of employee has the same mindset, that they focus on collaboration, that they leave their ego at home, that they are authentic in their negotiations and in their conversations. We ensure that they are contributing to the bigger picture and that they move forward together, to the next level while ensuring that the work they do is relevant, forward thinking and conducive to improving the structure of the organisation, community and society in general. I have seen this in action and it is stunning. When I became an independent consultant it was my intention to develop an international business, develop my own business model, deliver services to leaders, write and contribute to the global media. Achieved.

Merydith Willoughby’s books

Book cover: If It's To Be: It's Up To Me, Merydith Willoughby

If it's to be: It's up to me
Second ed. April 2022
Paperback & eBook

This book is a Practical Step-by-Step plan to Build Inner Confidence and Personal Power to assist you to Live a Fantastic Life.
People are hungry to live a life they love. Quick fixes don’t work. Where do you get honest information that works and can hold them in good stead for their whole life, and which they can pass onto everyone else in their life and around the globe? This book offers them this. It is generational change that is required. You start from the ground up. Doing this could change the very fabric of our lives and help change become second nature to all of us rather than something we avoid because we do not understand it. It would also have a huge impact on society at large and we could start teaching children these concepts from the time they are born and then right throughout their life.


Back From Hell, Merydith Willoughby.

Back from Hell
Second ed. June 2022
Paperback & eBook

It is a pleasure and a privilege to have written this second edition of Back from Hell. The reconstruction that had to occur for me to be able to do so, and the years that it has taken to regain my health and be better than I have ever been in some ways, has flawed me. There are many stages to burnout, and I had hit rock bottom – a point that, in reality, was very unlikely that I would ever return from. Yes, things were that dire. I have had to unpack who I am as a human being and who I am biologically. I have learned much, worked tirelessly, and questioned every single thing that I was advised to do. Most of that was not of use, and I became my own practitioner and sourced professionals that could assist me to fully rebuild my human infrastructure. This process is discussed at length in my fourth book, Thought Leadership, as to what modality was used.


Thought Leadership, Merydith Willoughby

Thought Leadership
Paperback & eBook

Thought Leadership proposes how we can break down the layers of dominance that are entrenched in society and become aware of the invisible net that surrounds and controls us throughout every moment of our life. When we do this, we have the best chance of creating a more equitable society, community, family, generation, and individual life. We can then investigate who we really are and allow our true self to evolve. We can learn how to develop our inner leader and learn how to think and behave like a thought leader. The impact on humankind with this approach to living would be phenomenal.


Sex in the Boardroom, Merydith Willoughby

Sex in the Boardroom

Sex in the Boardroom has a systems approach to leadership development and it can be used as a tool to review what you are doing, to make minor changes or to make radical changes in the way you lead. Whatever your reason for working with the process, know that it can assist you to be powerful beyond belief if and only if you are willing to be honest with yourself and put in the hard yards.



You can purchase If it’s to be: It’s up to me, Back from Hell, andThought Leadership globally online in paperback or eBook format, or from lnkd.in/dGMr8Jjm (Amazon). You can purchase Sex in the Boardroom from info@merydithwilloughby.com. Thank you for your interest in my books.

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Merydith Willoughby
Executive advisor
Cross Institutional degree in Education & politics, 2002
Phone: +61 435 086 641 (Australia)
Phone: +1 718 790 9729 (New York City)

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