Partnering with UniSA can take many forms and each one will have different processes and responsibilities.

Student placements, internships and projects are more than simply ‘work experience’ for the student. It is professional and personal development designed to supplement the student’s academic studies. Within these broad parameters, the student and organisation will engage in discussions to plan and agree on the goals and objectives to be achieved within set time frames. Organisations are asked to:

  • allocate challenging tasks and responsibilities, which are within the capability of the individual student/s;
  • adhere to OH&S guidelines and the Fair Work Act 2009 (for Australian-based organisations)
  • supervise student work and/or provide professional advice and guidance in accordance with learning objectives agreed at the beginning of the placement; and
  • provide written feedback at the end of the placement

What is the process of securing an intern / project student?

UniSA staff can provide support for employers at all stages of the experience including find the right type of student for the placement/project that you require help with. Information is provided to assist employers find a student, set tasks, manage the experience and reflect on the outcomes achieved. The steps below demonstrate the usual steps for hosting an intern or project student:

  • Employers register their interest
  • Students apply
  • Interview and selection (interviews are primarily for internships)
  • Tasks and outcomes are agreed upon
  • Insurance forms and confidentiality agreement statements (if applicable) are completed
  • Induction and OH&S procedures take place and internship/ project begins
  • Internship/ Project concludes and final feedback is obtained

Research and service partnerships follow a more flexible process which may differ for each occasion based on the requirements of both parties.

What is the process of starting a research or service partnership?

  • Organisation contacts UniSA to register their interest
  • Initial discussions and meetings will take place
  • Tasks and outcomes are agreed upon
  • Formal agreements/quotes to be written and agreed upon
  • Insurance forms and confidentiality agreement statements (if applicable) are completed
  • Partnership begins and required outcomes are monitored throughout

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