24 April 2024

The Centre for Research in Educational and Social Inclusion invites you to attend the

Bourdieu Multi-Book Launch

In partnership with Monash, Pierre Bourdieu Circle (PBC) SIG; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE), Sociology of Education SIG; American Educational Research Association (AERA), Bourdieu in Educational Research SIG; and the Routledge Book Series on ‘Bourdieu and Education of Asia Pacific’, we are excited to invite you to attend the Bourdieu Multi-Book Launch!

The two books to be launched stem from longstanding intellectual discussions and debates between Bourdieusian sociologists of education. At the book launch, ten authors will briefly introduce their work, share their insights, and engage with the comments and questions from the audience. Collectively, the authors and the audience will draw on Bourdieu’s intellectual bequest to advocate for a better education and a fairer society.

Identity and Belonging Among Chinese Canadian Youth: Racialized Habitus in School, Family, and Media. By Associate Professor Dan Cui, Brock University

Identity and Belonging among Chinese Canadian Youth unveils how Chinese immigrant youth struggle as racialized minorities at school, in their family, and through their formative interactions with Canadian mainstream media. This book will appeal to academics and scholars tracing racial inequality through the multiplicity of Asian diasporas in Western societies, as well as researchers seeking new understandings of modern-day school and media and with interests in multicultural education, sociology of education, and theories of race and ethnicity.

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Bourdieu in Educational Research. Edited by Garth Stahl, Guanglun Michael Mu, Pere Ayling, Elliot B. Weininger.

This book is the first international reference work to showcase the diversity of ways of using Bourdieu's sociological toolkit in educational research. Written by scholars based in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the UK, and the USA, the handbook provides a unique and cutting-edge picture of how Bourdieu has been both used and adapted in educational research globally. The book will be useful for those who may only have a cursory knowledge of Bourdieu's tools as well as those who are already familiar with Bourdieu's work. The chapters cover a wide range of topics including educational leadership, teacher preparation, space/place, educational policy, literacy education, marginalised students, and student mobility.

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