A message from Vice Chancellor and President, Professor David Lloyd.

The University of South Australia is an innovative, outward-looking institution known for its strong and engaged research and its experientially-based teaching and learning that is conducted in close collaboration with business, industry, government and the professions.

In recent years, the University has maintained a strong upward trajectory across a number of key indicators and is ranked among the world’s top 50 young universities. It also continues to play an increasingly important role in local, national and global communities.

Among our core principles is a commitment to both excellence and equity, founded on the belief that true equity can only be achieved by enabling greater access to high quality opportunities.

Our approach to teaching and learning emphasises the achievement of graduate qualities, student-centred learning and flexible program delivery, and we focus on collaborative research in multidisciplinary teams. We have redeveloped many of our teaching spaces to include high-tech facilities for active learning, simulation and student interaction. Our new student learning centre at City West campus provides students with a range of state-of-the-art learning spaces designed to accommodate different learning styles.

At a global level, we are committed to international education activities and alumni, graduates who are equipped to meet the demands and expectations of the worldwide workforce, significant and developing international research relationships, a culturally diverse staff, and increasing student mobility. Perhaps most importantly, at the heart of our performance and aspirations is a team of outstanding, dedicated, culturally diverse people who ensure that the University of South Australia remains a dynamic, engaging environment in which to work and study.

David Lloyd

With best wishes,
Professor David Lloyd
Vice Chancellor and President


Our statement of strategic direction continues the evolution of our University which since its inception has demonstrated a commitment to change and innovation. We embrace the challenges that face our sector but remain true to our own mission as an open and accessible university with the determination to chart our own course.

Enterprise25 places People, Programs and Precincts at the heart of the university’s operations out to 2025.

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