Our places underpin our community. Precincts are the embodiment of our next capital development plan. Precincts will see the logical geographic organisation of our program areas in complementary proximity to one another and to embedded end users and industry.

We will encourage partners, businesses and industry groups to locate on our campuses and we will cluster research and like academic communities in physical and virtual precincts that bring together learning, research and enterprise. We will make connections to form solutions and shape our research and knowledge for the benefit of end users.

By 2025 we will have further consolidated our campus footprint and updated our physical learning and research infrastructure. Co-locating cognate activities of excellence, we will work to maximise efficiency and to reduce the number of metropolitan campuses. In so doing we will move to replace tired, ageing or inefficient infrastructure. We will move to an open plan model in all new facilities and all future renovations. We will maximise general teaching spaces and actively repurpose lecture theatres as the evolution of digital education continues apace.

Our development principles include seamlessly accommodating Industry in Residence. Each campus will have sustainable development goals and renewable energy targets. In any development we will include explicit consideration of ground floor activation and revenue generation. As part of our continued journey towards being the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander University of Choice, we will deliver Unaipon Spaces across each campus. 

As the state’s University we will continue to impact in the regions of South Australia and reach internationally through dedicated partnerships.

Through growth of UniSA Online we will broaden our education footprint beyond traditional borders.

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