We commit to being the very best we can be. Great people are core to our success. Through Enterprise25, our staff core attributes will influence every aspect of our employee experience, from attracting great talent through investing in our professional development and enabling high performance.

The University will continue to invest in its people – developing our skills and cultivating our attributes to shape and support an enterprising and solution focussed attitude that characterises our constructive and open culture.

We commit to the provision of a culturally and physically safe environment for our entire community. We will pursue accreditation as an Athena Swan Gold site and as a White Ribbon accredited organisation demonstrating the values we stand for. We will be a University that represents the community and, faithful to our founding principles, strive to be positioned as Australia’s Aboriginal University of Choice and an institution that is open to all those who aspire to advancement through education.

We will simplify our administrative structure and ensure that service delivery is defined by its end-to-end commitment to our students and partners as well as a focus on service excellence. We will redefine program oversight, management structures and capabilities - bolstering academic leadership and professional management to reflect and reinforce our program focus.

UniSA will further enhance its reputation as an institution that is easy to work with, and one that is committed to the wellbeing and growth of all our people, individually and collectively.


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