Posted 16/04/2014 by: Professor David Lloyd

Once you understand that our core ‘Enterprise’ comprises Teaching and Research, it is clear that the Provost’s review, the DVC-RI’s review and the Global Engagement framework set out what we need to do at a macro level for core business. These exercises are informed by and are structured to deliver on the actions of Crossing the Horizon. However, we have to remember that our University comprises more than just the academic cohort. In fact, without great supports, the academic function of our university is never going to meaningfully impact on the community we serve or on the wider world. With that front of mind, the way in which we’ve set about underpinning our One Team approach is through the co-creation of Enterprise Support Plans – setting out how integrated end to end services will work to enable us to deliver on our institutional objectives.

I’ve asked for enterprise support plans to come forward from each of HR, Marketing, Finance and IT in the course of this year. I want these functions to be integrated across the university – single portfolios where best practice and domain expertise are matched to meeting our institutional objectives.  Once we have the portfolios aligned,  I expect that the teams therein will work on co-creating the support plan, cognisant of how their activities interface with other service areas and how they’ll balance needs and expectations at local and global (whole of institution) levels.  Of course, it goes without saying that Enterprise Support Plans will have to be built around a customer focus – that is ultimately how we will evaluate their utility.

As we work to redefine our budget model in the second half of the year – again on the same principles of supporting integrated portfolios across the university – the intention is that we will be well placed to resource functions and to empower individuals to deliver on their plans over the coming years. I’ll also be seeking to reward innovation and entrepreneurship across our Schools and business units and working to provide incentives and recognition measures to ensure we meet our institutional goals.

Draft Enterprise Support Plans get a first airing at senior staff sessions, but thereafter I expect the portfolio leaders to take the process of co-creation out into the wider organisation – so that we can crowd-source input and expertise around the best ‘how’ to deliver on our ambition. In the sessions we have had to date, I’ve asked a fairly simple question – do you work in the University of South Australia or do you work for the University of South Australia? As we approach our planning, integration and objectives through the latter lens, all of us, I believe what we can achieve will be phenomenal.

Professor David Lloyd

Through The Big Picture, I hope that our whole community gains a greater and current appreciation of what is going on, how it fits together and how our activities connect and reinforce each other at a whole of enterprise level.


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