Outstanding staff achievements

2019 Australian Awards for University Teaching

Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

A/Prof Amie Albrecht - School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences
For innovative course design and teaching that fosters a climate of exploration in which students develop and embrace a richer understanding of mathematics

Mrs Hannah Harvey - School of Education
For increasing preservice teacher expertise and employability through the development of a situated learning environment and experiential learning activities across courses in an Education program

UniSA College Program Director Team (Dr Sarah Hattam, Ms Tanya Weiler and Mr Tristan King)  - UniSA College
For sustained leadership of academic professional development in inclusive pedagogy to enhance teaching at UniSA

UniSA College Academic Integrity Officer Team (Mrs Tamra Ulpen, Dr Snjezana Bilic and Dr Anthea Fudge)  - UniSA College
For the development of supportive resources to enhance student learning of academic integrity (AI) which has influenced a significant reduction of AI cases at UniSA College

UniSA Lt eLearning Team (Dr Sarah List, Dr Bronwen Mayo, Prof Sandra Orgeig, Dr Emma Parkinson-Lawrence, A/Prof Gabrielle Todd and Dr Andrea Stringer) - School of Pharmacy and Medical Science
For the design and implementation of innovative resources to deliver a digitally-enhanced health science curriculum to improve student engagement, outcomes and learning experiences

2019 UniSA Teaching Awards

UniSA Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Digital Learning

Dr Lisa O'Keeffe, School of Education
For digital innovation that engages future mathematics teachers in a cycle of reflective practice which enhances their development as effective teachers

UniSA Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Dr Jo Zucco - School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences
For fostering a positive learning environment that engages and motivates programming students as active learners

Dr Cate Hudson - School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy
For sustained innovation and leadership in the use of technology to provide inclusive and accessible learning environments for dispersed student cohorts in social work

Mrs Tamra Ulpen - UniSA College
For leadership in enhancing support provisions to meet the academic language and literacy learning needs of non-English Speaking Background (NESB) students at UniSA College