“I never dreamed I would be working for BBC World News when I decided to move overseas. I received a call from the BBC just days before I was due to fly out and I had to pinch myself when they offered me work as a freelancer.

I started off mainly organising guests and interviews around the globe. One minute I was chatting to people in Syria, the next I would be lining up guests in Egypt, India and the US.

Last year we moved into the New Broadcasting House in the heart of London. Just being in a modern facility with the TV and radio language services a stone’s throw away opens up more opportunities to be creative with our storytelling.

I organise segments for BBC World News programs including research, creating graphics, sourcing live interviews, helping to cover breaking news, working with correspondents, editing footage and piecing together packages.

What I like about my job is the fact I am constantly kept on my toes, learning new things and meeting extraordinary people. I get a buzz from helping to break news, as well as dissecting stories and finding new ways to make them into interesting and eye-catching moments of television.

I am always amazed by what opportunities exist and what you can do with a university degree under your belt. The greatest message I took away from university is that good contacts are invaluable. And for me that has proved true – honestly, I never thought I would be working for the BBC but with the support of another Adelaidean it was possible.

The UK doesn’t feel a great deal different to Australia – there are certainly enough Aussies around. Of course there are a few things I noticed when I first arrived, like why do people race to get a tube when there’s one coming minutes later. I quickly learnt every minute counts, as you just never know if the next tube is packed to the brim.

Occasionally I stop and pinch myself that my life in London really is ‘normal’ now. It’s easy to make this city feel like home.”

Bachelor of Journalism/International Studies graduate Stephanie Boltje is a Broadcast Journalist at the BBC in London.