Student Lounge

Student lounge photo

Designed by students for students.

The newest social space of our West End, the Student Lounge, is located on the ground floor of City West campus’s Catherine Helen Spence Building and offers students a space to interact outside of study time. Opened in September 2015, the lounge is devoted to enhancing the student experience and campus life.

The space’s concept design was driven by ideas from the University’s architecture students and will be available for all students, not only those based at City West campus. The space will also cater for social and recreational events organised by the Student Experience Team, USASA and student groups.

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Building facilities

The new $3 million lounge is open 24 hours a day, 7 seven days a week and has:

  • Central town square
  • Fully equipped kitchen facilities and vending machines
  • Abundance of social spaces
  • Mobile charging facilities
  • Student lockers
  • College Green with gaming, table tennis and pool tables

The lounge is also home to UniSA Sport who have a one-stop-shop counter for all sporting club, registration and event information and will showcase club’s achievements and award recipients. USASA also calls the space home and sell campus wear clothing, second-hand textbooks, event tickets, feature art installations and has free diaries and more available to students.

A team of UniSA architecture and interior architecture students were involved in designing the building, along with Chris Trotta. After Chris consolidated design ideas, Phillips Pilkington Architects and Harrold and Kite made the space a reality.

The student design team included:

  • Ghislain Maiden
  • Amie Blanden
  • Alyssa Ellenwood
  • Emily Rogers
  • Rachel Aistrope
  • Bonnie Hamilton.

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