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UniSA Ventures works with the University of South Australia to maximise the outcomes of the intellectual property generated through research. We have a proven track record in translating the outcomes of this research into saleable intellectual assets; and bridging the gap in understanding between academia and business.

Commercialisation Outcomes


spin-out investments


in capital grants secured for spin-outs

$23m Cohda Wireless Pty Ltd | $9m Cavitus Pty Ltd | $7m Cincera Therapeutics | $24m Myriota Pty Ltd


licence deals executed*

* Since 2013


investment exits with proceeds returned to UniSA


invention disclosures a year


secured in grants & contract R&D by leveraging UniSA IP*

* Since 2013


high-value deals across China

Jiangsu Provence | Guangdong Provence | Shanghai | Beijing


active patents

Case Studies

Myriota Pty Ltd

myriota chipMyriota is a global leader in low-cost, low-power, secure direct-to-orbit satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things. In a world first, Myriota has pioneered a new way to retrieve data from anywhere on earth, either on land, sea or in the air. Leveraging years of customer focused R&D and an extensive suite of patented innovations, Myriota delivers secure, long battery life connectivity, everywhere. The first Myriota LEO satellite was successfully put into orbit in November 2018 as part of the BRIO project launched on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The Intellectual Property portfolio licensed to Myriota was born out of the Global Sensor Network program at UniSA’s Institute for Telecommunications Research. UniSA researchers, Dr Alex Grant and Dr David Haley led that research program and worked closely with UniSA Ventures to develop an IP and commercialisation strategy leading to the establishment of Myriota in November 2015.

Myriota received an initial investment of $2m from Canadian-based exactEarth, a leading provider of global satellite based maritime vessel tracking systems and further funding from UniSA Ventures and founders. In March 2018 closed a A$20 Series A round including investment from Australian VC firms Main Sequence Ventures and Blue Sky Ventures (SAVCF) plus Boeing HorizonX Ventures, Singtel Innov8 and Right Click Capital.  


Cohda Wireless 

Cohda carUniSA Ventures worked with the inventors, a group of highly regarded scientists working at UniSA’s Institute for Telecommunications Research: Dr Paul Alexander, Prof Alex Grant and Prof Lars Rasmussen.

Recognising the commercial potential of the intellectual property, UniSA Ventures funded initial proof-of-concept testing, and managed the fundraising and transition of Cohda Wireless into a UniSA spin-out company in 2004.

Today Cohda Wireless is the leading software and sensor supplier for the Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) and Smart City markets and is well positioned at the intersection of these two rapidly developing industries.

Over 60% of vehicles involved in global connected vehicle trials use Cohda technology and Cohda’s V2X-Stack software was successful in automotive design wins awarded by General Motors and Volkswagen.

In the last five years Cohda has sold products to over 600 customers across the globe and has established offices in Adelaide, Detroit, Munich and Shanghai plus distributors in Japan and Korea.


TTGTrains across the world are running to timetable and arriving at their destinations safely using innovative technology developed by mathematicians at UniSA and licensed by UniSA Ventures to TTG Transportation Technology, a leading international provider of rail technology.

The system continually calculates the most efficient way to complete a journey, accounting for track gradients, speed and power limits; advising the driver when to apply power, maintain speed, coast and brake, all whilst reconciling against the timetable.

Energymiser is now in use on more than 4,000 trains across the UK, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, China, India, Australia and New Zealand.

UniSA and TTG’s jointly developed product has earned multiple awards, including an Australian Export Award, NSW Premier’s Export Award and Australian Rail Industry Award, and put the company on track for global growth.