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For researchers

UniSA Ventures offers researchers within the University of South Australia a variety of services within the technology commercialisation stream.

Whether you just want to talk to us about your idea at an early stage or are seeking funding opportunities to financially support your research project, we aim to assist you at any stage of the commercialisation process.

Please browse through the services we offer or contact us for more information.

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Commercial Development

UniSA Ventures supports the commercial development of UniSA technologies by providing access to funding, industry, legal and business management support.

Access to industry and grant funding allows for the development of commercial UniSA projects, which have market demand and industry focus. This synergic relationship between UniSA researchers and industry increases the likelihood of a successful commercial outcome.

UniSA Ventures provides UniSA researchers with access to intellectual property assessment and protection in addition to legal support for all commercial projects.

Our team of knowledgeable Commercial Managers offer a wide range of expertise and can assist in the commercial assessment and development of your technology.

Funding & Grants

We have an established network of contacts and access to investment capital from Angel groups, high-net-worth individuals, investment funds, and grant agencies to assist with the commercial development of UniSA technology projects.

We also have our own early-stage fund, the Ventures Catalyst Fund, to support commercially focused R&D. To start the process simply submit an invention disclosure form and have a chat with one of our Commercial Managers.

IP Management

To protect intellectual property successfully, professional and strategic management of new and existing IP is critical.

UniSA Ventures provides this service for all IP that has been developed within the University. For documenting and recording inventions and ideas, best practice within the research community often recommends the use of lab notebooks. UniSA Ventures can provide lab books on request for UniSA registered projects.

Please contact us to discuss the best IP strategy and management option for your idea, invention or design.

Legal & Contracts

It is essential that all dealings with IP are underpinned by legal guidance and appropriate contractual documentation. This is to ensure a clear chain of title to IP and to protect against exposure to commercial risks and civil and criminal liabilities both to the organisations as well as to the individual researchers involved.

UniSA Ventures has its own experienced legal counsel for advice covering all regulatory and legal aspects of commercialisation, including industrial contracts (formulation and review) to IP licensing, patent reviews and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). We can:

  • Ensure that all proposed commercial arrangements and documentation are appropriate and are in order
  • Provide expert legal advice in relation to IP protection and commercialisation
  • Assist you to establish successful contractual relationships with industry to meet your IP development and commercialisation objectives
  • Partner with you to optimise the benefits from your IP creation and commercialisation
  • Assist with negotiation, preparation and review of legal contracts and agreements
  • Protect and promote the University’s interests in IP commercialisation
  • Monitor compliances with applicable legislation.

Industry Engagement

To develop a commercial product it is imperative to engage with industry at an early stage to ensure that technology outcomes are market driven. UniSA Ventures will engage with industry at an early stage in the development of UniSA technologies to:

  • Identify market need and potential in addition to attracting potential collaborative partners and licensing opportunities
  • Attract collaborative research projects
  • Facilitate contract R&D
  • Provide industry feedback for technology commercial development
  • Attract licenses and spin-off companies
  • Leverage internal funds with industry support for the commercial development of UniSA technologies.


Integrated with its many activities, UniSA Ventures continually seeks to educate University staff, students and researchers on Intellectual Property and the commercialisation process.

This is predominantly conducted through one-on-one sessions as part of the IP commercialisation project with UniSA Ventures, but also in cases where clients come into UniSA Ventures for the purpose of discovering more about the process.

In other cases UniSA Ventures gives presentations on Intellectual Property and Technology Commercialisation to larger groups around the University at various times and places. The key topics that UniSA Ventures concentrates on are:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Patents and the patent process
  • Commercialisation process
  • Financing commercialisation