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UniSA Ventures leverages the needs of industry against the core capabilities and intellectual assets of UniSA to create opportunities for industry to engage with UniSA and to secure commercial interest in innovative technologies that have commercial applications.

Whether you are interested in investing in existing technologies from our portfolio, seeking advice for leveraging government grants, or are considering contract research, UniSA Ventures is able to help you.

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Investment Opportunities

UniSA Ventures is the central point of contact for investment opportunities relating to the broad range of technologies emanating from the world-class research conducted at UniSA. If your company is looking to utilise emerging technologies to stay ahead of the competitive curve, take a look at our listing of investment opportunities in our technology portfolio to see how we can help.

Contract Research

UniSA Ventures fosters wide-spread commercial engagement with general industry by promoting the University’s contract research capability.

Whatever your area of industrial expertise, we are sure to have matching research and development expertise to provide you with the growth partnership you need.

Leverage Governmental Grants

For companies seeking to leverage funding in the form of grants from both the state and federal government that may involve an R&D project, UniSA Ventures can assist in a range of areas including:

    • Matching the company to the appropriate research capability within the University
    • Identifying suitable grants that the company can benefit from
    • Structuring the grant with the company and assisting with content
    • Putting in place any legal or contractual documentation that may be required.

UniSA Ventures has accumulated many years of experience in leveraging the various funding programs that are promoted by government and has maintained a high success rate in securing competitive funding.