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Assessing solid tumour cancer progression

A set of biomarkers and method for assessing cancer progression in solid tumour cancers such as breast, lung & colorectal.

Checkpoint inhibitor treatment biomarkers

Markers for better prognosis of a checkpoint inhibitor treatment regime

Bladder Cancer Diagnostic

An immunocapture device that specifically captures bladder cancer cells from urine for analysis.

Non-invasive prostate cancer detection device

We have developed a technology for the capture and detection of prostate cancer cells from urine samples that is non-invasive, easy to use, and - based on...

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Delivering customised R&D solutions to solve the most complex veterinary pharmaceutical issues

Early stage ovarian cancer biomarkers

Four unique biomarkers identified for early stage ovarian cancer.

Organ on a chip microfluidic device

A microfluidic device for growing organoids, tumoroids and complex tissues in situ.

Organoid platform for assay development

A platform for brain cancer and brain disease researchers, with applications in pre-clinical and personalized drug screenings.

Horizon City Platform

An education technology tool driving interaction and engagement for students enrolled in medical and nursing courses.

The Active Team

An innovative physical activity program that harnesses online social networks, called Active Team. The

An advanced antibody-based therapy for bladder cancer

A monoclonal antibody drug conjugate that specifically targets advancing bladder cancer cells

MiRNA Therapeutics

Molecules and mechanisms to target a MiRNA-mediated pathway that is involved in recovery from multiple conditions affecting the central nervous system.

Repurposing drugs

UniSA Researchers have combined computational approaches with cell-based tests to identify new activities for existing drugs with a history of safe use.

Drug delivery composition comprising polymer-lipid hybrid (PLH) microparticles

Dr Clive Prestidge has developed a novel hybrid drug delivery formulation that can be used in a wide range of therapeutic applications.

In-situ optical bio-sensing probe

This technology is uniquely positioned as a label free sensing platform exhibiting similar capabilities (real time kinetic measurement, quantification and...


A virtual reality app aiming to reduce pain and improve movement in sufferers of chronic neck and back pain.

Priming cancer cells for treatment

A nanoparticle formulation to sensitise cancer cells to conventional radio or chemotherapy

Are you good to go?

A simple test to evaluate readiness to perform physical activity.

Variant Grid / Genetic variance visualisation

High throughput sequencing provides unprecedented power to detect genetic variation in applications such as inherited disorders and somatic mutations in...

14-3-3 inhibition to accelerate wound healing

This novel approach to facilitate rapid wound healing takes advantage of a mechanism we have discovered to enhance mitogenic signaling and promote endogenous...

Induced multipotent neural stem cells

Induced neural stem cells provide opportunities for research applications in drug screening and development, diagnostic product development and regenerative...

Australian Bush Bioactives

The significance of this project relates to the potential to develop a new topical, non-steroidal antiinflammatory treatment for dermatitis and psoriasis....

14-3-3 Cancer therapeutic

A novel class of 14-3-3 targeting anti-cancer drugs.