The Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise (TAASE) is a research concentration within the University of South Australia. The purpose of TAASE is to engage with people and communities, and to partner with the organisations which serve them, in order to produce research which enables evidence-led change for the social service sector and people in need of social support.

TAASE is an interdisciplinary and cross-university research concentration that works with marginalised communities and vulnerable people who are experts in their own lives. This work helps to ensure that decisions affecting people’s lives draw on their stories, their strengths, and their capacity to realise their potential.


Social support systems and services increasingly enable the enterprising capacity of communities and people to inform and control the means of social support.


To work with people and communities in the co-creation of evidence to underpin social transformation in a changing world.

Members of TAASE

Professor Andrew Beer
Acting Chair of the Board
Dr Helen Barrie
Acting Director
Dr Debbie Faulkner
Senior Research Fellow

Founding Partner


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Making a difference in the lives of South Australians

Founding partner of TAASE, AnglicareSA supports South Australians in need. They offer a number of diverse programs including parenting, youth, foster care, financial literacy, new-arrivals, Aboriginal services, disability care, emergency assistance, homelessness and aged care.



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Supporting fairness, opportunity and choice for all South Australians

The Department of Human Services (DHS) provides support in a number of areas, including: disability, health and wellbeing, youth justice, domestic violence and more.

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