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City of Salisbury 

Since 2000, the City of Salisbury has supported applied research into street trees to test the suitability of various 'street' trees planted on expansive clay sites. The research looks at recently planted street trees and reactive clays soils in a newly established subdivision.

The project focuses on how the trees dry the underlying reactive clay soils, and their potential to extract water from the soil and the influence of soil movements (caused by tree drying i.e. soil drying). Determining the trees' interaction with the soils, and studying soil movement patterns may influence future design and construction of road pavements, kerbs, road verges and residential housing foundations.

Supported by the City of Salisbury and the Local Government Association, Stacey Vorwek is nearing completion of her PhD on “The influence of trees on dwellings and pavements in an urban environment”.

For more information see 'City of Salisbury Street Trees Project'

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI)

A testing facility for applying pulsating loads to a range of pavement types and configurations has been set up on the laboratory strong floor. This continues be used for future research and development with DPTI.

A licence for manufacture of specialised instrumentation for this facility has been purchased from University of Nottingham. Seed funding has been allocated to SMAG to test the feasibility of the facility.

SA Water

Since 2015 the University and SA Water have collaborated on research into the adhesion of cement-mortar linings of steel pipelines. This work has led to the development of a testing method for adhesion of propriety lining materials and the use of primers to improve adhesion. Research is now underway to simulate the behaviour of the cement-mortar linings under flow conditions in the University’s hydraulics laboratory.

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