Involve your company by supporting research in a flourishing technology hub of theoretical, applied and cross-disciplinary research.

Our Innovative research degree students learn to operate at an advanced academic and professional skill level on varied projects including:

  • Behaviour of transmission line systems under downburst wind loads - El-Sayed Abd-Elaal
  • The effect of high limestone mineral addition in combination with cement kiln dust on chloride penetration of concrete - Tom Benn
  • Nonlinear dynamic behaviour of tower structures and bolt connection behaviours - Chenghao Lu
  • Behaviour of post tensioned masonry walls - Reza Hassanli
  • Structural properties of crumbed rubber concrete - Danda Li
  • FRP - Crumb Rubber Concrete and conventional concrete columns under seismic load - Osama Youssf 
  • Sustainable in-situ cold recycling of local roads - Cameron Hopkins


Research opportunities

Interested in research?

The University of South Australia's Research Services office provides support for the management of research, administers internal research grants and national competitive grants and manages research training.

To speak to our business manager, please contact Mr Sebastien Hebert on (08) 8302 3973.