At SMAG, we manage some of South Australia’s unique soil and concrete equipment and facilities including the largest strong floor in Australia (17m x 30m and 6m clearance) and static and repeated loading of structures and structural elements (beams, columns, slabs, walls and cladding), all at your disposal for testing and research.

Specialised Facilities

  • A strong floor 17m x 30m and 6m clearance below a 10 tonne gantry crane, provides ample area for large structural elements and prefabricated structures
  • Multi-jack test rig to simulate uniformly distributed loading on panels, sheets and members
  • MTS hydraulic system for repeated loading with a capacity of 1000kN, a peak displacement of 200 mm and a maximum frequency of 10Hz
  • Dynamic jacks: 100 tonne capacity with a frequency range of 1 to 30Hz
  • Static jack with up to 200 tonne capacity
  • Torsion and bend testing machines
  • Displacement and load controlled 1800kN Baldwin compression/testing machine
  • Several compression machines with up to 3600kN capacity 
  • Controlled environment rooms
  • Cyclic triaxial equipment for resilient modulus of soils and crushed rock
  • Gemco 12 kW drilling rig with SPT hammer and assembly
  • Nuclear moisture and density depth-probe

Testing Capability

  • Static and repeated loading of structures and structural elements (beams, columns, slabs, walls and cladding)
  • Cyclonic missile impact testing
  • Stress grading of timber in accordance with AS 1749
  • Creep testing of concrete for research purposes
  • Concrete properties including compression and tensile strength, absorption, permeability, carbonation and chloride content
  • Soil suction and permeability
  • Triaxial tests on soil and rock with pore pressure measurement
  • Valve box testing to AS 3996

Computer Modelling Capability

  • Numerical analysis of structures, pavements, and footings (2D & 3D)
  • Unix and PC based software for analysis of structures and the plastic analysis of geomaterials