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Scarce Resources and Circular Economy (ScaRCE) is a Research Concentration from the University of South Australia. Featuring three strands, Environmentally Sensitive and Regenerative Communities, Smart Infrastructure and Built Environments, and Natural Resources and Environmental Resilience, we have been a collaborative hub for academic and research staff and students since 2016. ScaRCE encompasses a variety of sustainable areas and includes the UniSA Commercial Testing Unit which encompasses the Australian Flow Management Group (AFMG) and SMAG – Specialised Testing and Research Unit.

ScaRCE undertakes interdisciplinary research that contributes to graduate employment, human societies and natural and built environments. Our collaborative culture and diverse expertise inform the ongoing success of our projects, including a variety of National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (NIFPI) projects. ScaRCE looks to address the major challenges for society at the interface of the natural and built environments on all scales.