About the study

South Australia is well ahead of the pack when it comes to effective contact tracing of positive case of COVID-19 in our community. Getting on top of a person’s close contacts quickly is essential to controlling the virus, and this demands highly skilled public health officials undertaking detailed interviews with each person who tests positive in our State as soon as possible.

Two UniSA researchers want to know what the community thinks about how we can be as prepared as possible for contact tracing. How quickly and easily would you be able to remember your contacts and whereabouts over the last 14 days? Would you be willing to keep a ‘personal contact diary’ that you fill out at the time of COVID-19 testing and use to help you answer the questions of the contact tracers if you needed to?

Here's a video of Dr Moulds and Dr Corsini discussing the project - Video

You can share your thoughts with us by:

  • Completing our online survey https://redcap.link/contact_tracing 
  • Suggest a great community organisation that you think might be able to host an online discussion about this idea with its members or constituents

Eligibility requirements

All South Australians are eligible.

Contact details

Dr Nadia Corsini, 8302 9989 or email nadia.corsini@unisa.edu.au or Dr Sarah Moulds, 8302 7382 or email sarah.moulds@unisa.edu.au

This project has been granted ethics approval by the UniSA Human Research Ethics Committee (Application 203490)