Volunteers needed for mosquito surveillance study

We are seeking members of the public to become citizens scientists, by taking part in MOZZIE MONTH from February – March 2022

In addition to being very irritating, mosquitoes can transmit disease, and there’s a need to improve surveillance methods.

This study will involve participants doing ONE of the following activities:

  1. Setting a mozzie monitors trap, photographing the catch and emailing the photo into us – about every 2 weeks or whenever you can manage it, OR
  2. Using the iNaturalist app to record any sightings/encounters with mosquitoes that you may have during that period.

By taking part you are playing a part in work of global importance. If you want to join a group of citizen scientists who are tracking mosquitoes  and helping keep Australia safe of mosquito-carrying diseases, so please come to our information session.

For further information please contact: 


Phone: 08 8302 1365

This study has been approved by the University of South Australia Human Research Ethics Committee.