Researchers from the University of South Australia are looking for women to be involved in a research project that is investigating the effect of exercise on cardiovascular health and function. The project proposes to assess heart function using new methods of heart ultrasound technology. The project will then investigate if exercise can improve or maintain these new parameters of heart function. 

You are eligible to participate if you fall into 1 of the following groups:

  • Aged 30-70 and are scheduled to begin chemotherapy for breast cancer, and do not have a history of heart attack, heart failure or arrhythmias.
  • Aged 45-70 and do not have a history of heart attack, heart failure or arrhythmias.

Only half of the participants recruited to this study will undergo exercise. If allocated to an exercise group, you will be involved in 8 weeks of aerobic exercise, performed 3 times per week for 30 minutes. All participants will also undergo 4 different testing sessions that include heart ultrasound, maximal exercise testing and possible blood sampling. The aim of this study is to assess how heart function changes over time in women undergoing chemotherapy, and women with no history of cancer, and to also see how this change in heart function differs between those who partake in the exercise program, compared to those who do not. All research will be performed at the University of South Australia City East Campus.

Whilst this research is investigating the effect of exercise on cardiovascular health and function, we already know that exercise is recommended as a lifestyle intervention during chemotherapy to improve treatment experiences, including reducing symptoms of fatigue, preserving fitness, and improving quality of life. As such, not only will your participation help further our understanding in this area, we are confident it will also improve your treatment experience.

For any queries or for more information, or to sign-up to participate in this study, please contact or ph: 8302 1365.

Please note criteria for this study mentioned in the video has been changed – see eligibility criteria above.

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"Being a part of the Cardiovascular Health and Function Research Study has been so worthwhile when thinking of helping others, very informative for me from a personal health knowledge point of view and great fun!

My mum had breast cancer and although she was not in a position to take chemo treatment, she would have wholly supported research to assist those undergoing treatment in the pursuit of positive health outcomes.

From beginning to end, the staff have been very welcoming, supportive and patient and have made me feel valued.

Everything was easy to follow, didn’t take up a lot of time and taught me new ways of improving my commitment to exercise so that I have been able to maintain it since.

James, Bec, Hunter and Louise are very approachable, easily available when I needed any clarification or have had to alter appointments.

I would encourage anyone who fits the criteria to get involved"

"I was fortunate enough to be a part of this study during my chemotherapy treatment and found the exercise to be very beneficial. I am grateful for the opportunity to be supported and guided by the wonderful people who are a part of this study. I am very thankful for all the helpful tips and advice given by James, Bec and Louise throughout my time in the study."

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